April 11, 2019

This blog post has lived in me for many years and it's recently been awaken by different influences and experiences. The past several months, this suppressed topic has conversed within me and opened my eyes. An epiphany. It is about accepting t...

January 23, 2019

Ээж болоод хорвоотой ахисан түвшинд дахин танилцсаар. Цэцэг цэврүү шиг ариухан амьтныг баахан булингартсан би хүмүүжүүлнэ гэж юусан билээ? Хүү минь л намайг хүмүүжүүлж хорвоод бид ямархан хөөрхөн эвдэрээгүй амьтад ирдэгийг сануулж байна даа....

November 27, 2018

Hello My Dear Readers,

It has been exactly a year since I released this tiny space for Mind of a Mongol. She wanted to share her world of view of others, she wanted to inspire, she wanted to shed some light and heat through her blog space and social media handles. But d...

October 29, 2018

This past June, I was extremely exited about visiting my motherland, Mongolia.

It felt like my mind had already traveled to my hometown of Ulaanbaatar, before my body did. I had dreams that I was conversing with the people whom I had never seen or met before. Oh I know....

June 18, 2018

No doubt June is my favorite month! The main reason is because all around the world, different kinds of festivals, carnivals, outdoor concerts, shows, parades and events are happening in June. This is also due to fact that summer weather is in full effect and school's...

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