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Hi! I'm Haliun

It is pronounced “Ha-lee-on” and this is my story:


I was born during the fall of 1988 in Mongolia, the landlocked country situated between China and Russia. Known for our nomadic culture and vast open lands, I was raised in a small town called Shuvuun Pabric during my early childhood. What was important during my upbringing was that Mongolia was transitioning from a Communist state to a Democracy. I was just one of the many who was the victim and witness to such a historical transition.

While I was attending elementary school in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, my parents decided to move to South Korea to build a better life for us. My brother and I were left behind in Mongolia to live with my grandparents. Together with nine other relatives, we lived in our grandparents’ one bedroom apartment until I moved out at 20 years old.

Visiting South Korea each summer throughout my youth, I got to see a totally different lifestyle and gained perspective of the industrial and technological sectors that Mongolia did not have. Also, I had the opportunity to work during my teen years in South Korea. Little by little, I saved money for college tuition. After graduating college in Mongolia, I soon after got accepted to a South Korean University for a Master’s program in Gwangju, a city located four hours south of the capital, Seoul. This time I experienced South Korea differently. I studied the Korean language, Hangul, and became fluent with my language skills. I gained professional knowledge and made lifelong friends, both locally and from around the world. I also met and fell in love with my future husband there. I have since then married, became a mom, and relocated to the U.S.


I will write about my memories, experiences and adventures from my childhood through adulthood. Also, my inspirations, lifestyle, micro thoughts, books I read, travel I did, people I met and little bit of my taste of art and fashion. 

Why I’m writing: I want to share my world view and have my voice heard. I want to inspire others to get a different perspective of life. My hope is that my readers can inspire others in their own ways. That's my whole intention: INSPIRATION! I just want to write my mind out raw.

Thank you for visiting and reading my blog. Enjoy!


Special Thanks to my talented friends Mason Robinson and Jennifer Tinoco for the photographs and editing!   


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