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November 8, 2017

Let's step into some of my personal fashion history. My grandmother was traditional clothes (costume) maker in Mongolia and she also designed and sewed her own clothes at home. I grew up around such beautiful colors from the materials she used and got to witness the whole process of being both a designer and a seamstress. I watched her clients during fittings and at times I stood in as a fit model myself. This early childhood exposure to fashion has definitely inspired me to strive on creating my own individual look and my passion for putting together outfits that best describes my sense of style.


When it comes to a specific fashion style I gather many inspirations from nature to urban life, as well as from the locals in that given city (as I tend to move around quite a bit) and the culture. I have called Mongolia, South Korea and America home.


Before living in Korea, I used to think that being "stylish" meant that I was supposed to dress up like I'm about to go to the night club but at any given time, day or event. But once I had experienced more of the South Korean fashion scene, as I visited every Summer in my teens and later became a student there, I realized that I too could be stylish in a more casual way. Becoming more neat and prim within my own style, I also learned that showing less skin can be sexy.


Living in America has also given me a lot of opportunities on finding such intricate pieces of clothing which in turn brings a sort of freedom to my style. I love shopping at a diverse street that has vintage stores, thrift stores, and finding local designers and high-end brands. Also, each state has it's own style, how awesome is that!


I have so many stories to share, but like they say "a picture is worth a thousand words." Thus, I've included fashion inspired photos from my trip to South Korea this past May. 


Whatever I wear depends on the weather, my feeling at that moment, and what I have in hand - of course! But feeling comfortable, while still having a bold statement, are the most important factors to me.


It was a really hot day, so I wore my summer print, vintage style dress; which was gifted by my friend Jenn.  I decided to go with a head scarf instead of pony tail and a pair of retro peach colored sunglasses to complete this vintage inspired look. Added the red lipstick for that extra pop :) The photo was taken right before I got a haircut.


I'm super obsessed with the 70s! From the style of music and fashion must haves! Flare denim and over sized button downs are my go-to for a casual, everyday look. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory to add to any outfit and really makes my look a bit more stylish without effort.



Army green is my way to feel and look strong. I always add a new green colored piece for each season. By the way, this dress is not appropriate in Korea because it has a back cut out and the shoulders are showing, which is not proper in their culture. I was previously slapped on my back and got cursed out by an 아줌마, or "ajuma" which is Korean for "madam" or "middle aged woman," due to the fact that I was showing too much skin on my upper body. Looking back at it, I feel embarrassed because I disrespected their customs. I only pulled my dress down to the shoulders for this photo and pulled the dress back up and had a backpack on when I was back on street.



When I was doing research about Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) I found out they had held a local fashion week show in March; two months prior to my visit. I was very inspired by the street style which was presented during that week. My inspirational outfit included: an over sized white shirt, white denim jeans and a tight black corset to break the dynamics. Finished it off with a pair of black and white Converse all star shroud.


Once I had my hair cut, it required more style and edge from me, which I love. I was in Seoul at this time, one of the most fashion forward cities I've visited. So, why not go nuts!?  I wore a crop top with flare denim overalls and block heel sandals to make me look taller.


With this post I worked around with the photos I already had and story is about me and my taste of fashion. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts with seasonal and informative reads!


                                                                                                                       Copy Edited by: Jenn Tinoco


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